We are Anna and Anthony and Green Mochila is our declaration of love.


anna anthony hugging in the rose garden of buenos aires

Yes, we love South America.

We love the friendliness of its people, their culture, the language(s) they speak, the food they cook when it’s vegetarian.

We love its landscapes, full of legends and wonders; from the highest mountain to the stillest of lakes and deserted jungle paths.

We love also the vibes of its cities, each of them different, each of them its own special world.


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What is travelling but discovering? Let Curiosity be your guide!

The idea to write a travel blog came to us just before we flew for 10 months of eco travels in South America. And what started as a hobby soon became a passion. We interact a lot with locals, always curious about the history of a country and what its people believe, hope for and dream of.

We don’t want to simply cross a country without understanding it. Do you feel the same? Then you’re at home here!

  • We’re bringing you travel guides to help you plan your journey through South America, with handful tips from our own experiences.
  • We’re telling you our stories to inspire you to wander; like the time we wild camped in Patagonia without owning a tent!
  • We’re also sharing some cultural facts we gathered along the way. They might help you understand better that wonderful continent.



If Life is a trip, the World is our backpack.

We try to be responsible travellers and encourage everyone to protect the environment, also on their travels. “Green Mochila” isn’t only for the colour of our backpack, but for the way we travel.

Our guides are therefore shaped for slow travels that don’t involve planes; they’re filled with ideas to avoid plastic; they give you tips and incentives to visit for yourself, without tours, at your own pace.


Here are a few things we always do on our eco travels:

  • Boil water or use water filter instead of buying bottled water in countries where tap water is not drinkable
  • Go shopping with our bags and ask for things without plastic bag (in Spanish “sin bolsa por favor”). They might look weird at us but it doesn’t matter!
  • Bring an empty plastic bag with us on a hike so we can collect our own rubbish. At the same occasion, why not pick up other rubbish we find on our way?
  • If the length of our travel allows it, we volunteer while travelling. We not only save money and meet like-minded people, but also give something back to the community (our expertise, work, time and dedication).

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See you soon, somewhere!
Anna + Anthony

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