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Our Eco Trip Turned Out to Be a Life-Changing Experience. We’re Telling You How.

So everything started out like this: On a sunny September afternoon, we jumped on a plane to South America, ready for a life-changing eco trip. Well, not exactly. Nobody embarks on a travel, knowing it will change their life. Truth is, we needed to plan a bit beforehand and much was left to surprise. But we were sure of a few vital things, including the fact that travelling in an eco-friendly way would be the constant light on the horizon of our travel. And as we found out, an eco trip doesn’t have to be boring, rather the opposite. It …

Jau national park, Brazil, seen from above
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🇧🇷 A Hiker’s Guide to Brazil National Parks

Let the wilderness of Brazil put a spell on you. From steep canyons to jungle rivers, from impressive sand dunes to roaring waterfalls, from howling monkeys to colourful birds. At the end of long bus journeys, Brazil fascinates and captivates. With more than 70 national parks, the country tries to protect the nature of its vital ecosystems – and that’s for the best. We’ve partnered with other travel bloggers to guide you through some of them, in this selection of their favourite Brazil national parks. Best national parks in Brazil: Tijuca National Park Stephanie from History Fangirl visited Tijuca National …

Viewpoint on Lago Escondido, Nahuel Huapi National Park, near Bariloche
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7 (+1) Tips to Travel More Often

Get up, go to work. Smile at your colleagues, small-talk in the lift. Work, work, and then watch Netflix and go to bed. Is this your life? But maybe what you really want is to travel — to travel longer and more often? Well, we have good news: it’s much easier than you think. We swear. We’ve been there, wondering and worrying. And then we took the leap: quit our jobs, went for a 10-month trip through South America, and then came back and found a new job. Just as easy as it sounds. We’re giving you here some travel tips …

Tierra del Fuego NP, the most famous National Park in Argentina
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🇦🇷 A Hiker’s Guide to Argentina National Parks

Let Argentina bring you on a beautiful trip. From arid canyons to moving glaciers, from roaring waterfalls to crystal lakes, from marshlands to mountains. Wherever your feet lead you, you’ll need some serious hiking boots! With more than 40 National Parks scattered across a territory of 2,780,400 km2 (1,073,500 sq mi), there’s enough fun for the whole family. Some of them can be reached by public transportation, others require a car; some can be visited independently, others need a guided tour. We’ve partnered with other travel bloggers to bring you all the information here, in this selection of their favourite Argentina …

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What Are Your Favourite Movies Set in South America?

Question: How many films set in South America can you name? A couple, a handful, quite a few? To score better at your next game of Trivial Pursuit, or rather to inspire you with some great watching inspiration, we’ve turned to fellow movie lovers and asked them this question: What are the best movies set in South America? We’re happy to list here international films set on the continent, some famous Latin movies and also a few lesser-known South American directors. We have comedies, we have dramas, we have historical fiction and an essential road movie. So enjoy the best …

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What Are Your Favourite South American Novels?

Question: How many South American authors can you name? As for me, I’ve never been good at that game, despite having read a lot of books – or maybe precisely because I read a lot of books. Things get messy in this head of mine. To help you impress your in-laws at the next family reunion, or rather to provide you with some great reading inspiration, we’ve turned to fellow book lovers and asked them this question: Which are your favourite South American novels? You’ll see from this list that there’s more to the literature of Latin America than a …

Sunset of the sea from Tolù, Colombia
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The Shape of Travel to Come

Nature has given us a hard punch in the face. With this coronavirus crisis, all of us, governments and companies included, are left licking our wounds and rethinking the way we live our life. Indeed, this disruption in ‘business as usual’ should be a time for reflection and a time for change – and that should include the way we travel. Sustainable travel practices that have only been ‘on our minds’ until now have today the biggest chance ever to become a reality. How will you travel in the post-pandemic world? Join us and make a pledge for sustainable travel …

View on Mount Roraima, Venezuela
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What is your favourite South America trek?

Sore legs and contented soul – nothing beats a good hike. In the sand, the snow or on the rocks, through the forest or along the sea, we feel happier outside. If the body’s moving, the mind is too, and the wonders of nature are the best inspiration. When it comes to hikes and treks, South America is just shy of paradise. We’re telling you here about our favourite hikes on the continent, but we’ve also turned to 10 fellow travel bloggers who share our love for the outdoors and our passion for Latin America; and we’ve asked them this …

A small waterfall in the Amazon rainforest
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24 Magnificent National Parks in South America

The first thing we did when we booked our flight to South America was to jump around the room giggling like maniacs. When we finally calmed down after 2.5 hours, the 2nd thing I did was to read everything I could about the best national parks in South America. I knew close to nothing about this colourful land; but I suspected beauty in all shapes and forms on this vast continent. And really, there is. After travelling there for almost a year, we’re putting together here our own top list of South American national parks. We didn’t have the chance …