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chile wine tours are among the best things to do and see near valparaiso
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🇨🇱 7 Nifty Things to do near Valparaíso, Chile

Are you sold to the vibrant beauty of Valparaíso? Have you decided to spend longer than the couple of days visitors usually allow it? Well done, this is a great decision! Valpo can certainly keep your head spinning for a week or more, with its cultural events and its street life. But if you fancy a day off and into the nature, then what? Then this list of top things to do near Valparaíso, Chile, that’s what! Viña del Mar Nearby Viña del Mar is literally attached to Valparaíso along the coast; you could go from one to the other …

Carnival of blacks and whites in Pasto
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🇨🇴 Pasto, the Well-Kept Secret of Colombia

SWho wants to stay all the time on the beaten path? Pasto, the westernmost biggest town in Colombia, hardly features on any route plan. Truth is, the places in the north take the fame: postcard-perfect Cartagena on the Caribbean coast, the tropical paradise Tayrona Park or backpackers’ favourite Medellin. But in fact, Pasto is blessed with amazing nature around, Colombia’s most beautiful churches and laid-back vibes. So don’t miss this hidden gem, especially on your way to or from Ecuador. Well, I know most travellers have limited time: that’s how I’ve been in the past…erm…many years. But imagine a city …

View from comuna 13, medellin, colombia
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🇨🇴 You Should (Really) Spend More Time in Medellin

Medellin is a very special place, to say the least. The 2nd most populated city in Colombia and the capital of the Antioquia department, it only vaguely resembles its counterparts Bogotá, Cali or Barranquilla. Scratch under the surface of brick-coloured hills and bodies lying on the pavements and you will surely get a different feeling. Medellin has risen from its terrible past to become the safest, friendliest and most innovative city in Colombia. Of course, alongside the colourful graffiti the city is famous for, not everything is pink. But there is a vibrant life and a city charm that get many …