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The futuristic entrance to the Fortabat Art museums in Buenos Aires
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The Best Museums in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Looking for cultural events in Buenos Aires? Or are you maybe looking for what to do in the city on a rainy day, and eager to add some culture to your trip? We’ve got you covered with this list of the best museums in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We’ve gathered a large selection of art museums and performance venues; but also other museums that will shed a light on some major aspects of the country. For each place, you’ll find its address, entrance fee (all prices are in Arg. pesos and true as of summer 2022) and opening hours. Note: Many …

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Which of These Types of Travellers Are You?

Why is it so hard to find a fitting travel partner? Someone with a similar rhythm, who’ll be interested in seeing the same things. First of all, it’s important to know what YOU expect from a trip. To help you, here are (really just some of) the different types of travellers you might meet on your travels. Of course, identities are forever flowing. Therefore, it’s possible that you fit into several of these different types of tourists at the same time – or according to your mood of the day.  Isn’t it surprising how two people might come back from …

Best South American Documentaries to Watch
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7 Best Documentaries from South America to Watch Today

You cannot fight a passion, can you? That thirst that sometimes keeps you indoors in the evenings and up at night. It’s a real passion for the continent, its nature, its people and their reality, that made me spend hours and hours watching a collection of documentaries on South America; some of them truly mesmerizing, others simply not worth mentioning. In this selection, I’ll save you the time by presenting and rating these films about the most important topics in South America, from politics to culture to traditional rituals and landscapes. Watch these documentaries (sometimes for free) if you’re eager …

Traditional Bolivia festivals
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🇧🇴 12 Colourful Bolivia Festivals & Celebrations

A fiesta in Bolivia is sure to be a memorable treat. Bolivia festivals are loud, lively, colourful, massive; some of them involve thousands of costumed dancers and food and alcohol aplenty. What more, they’re a dive into the intricate heart of the Andean culture, this patchwork of native and Christian traditions. With dozens of celebrations throughout the year, hopefully something will coincide with your trip. Or take it a step further and choose your Bolivia travel dates in order to include one or more of these fascinating celebrations. Traditional festivals in Bolivia As you’ll see in this list of selected …

Gluten free arepas
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🇨🇴 Super-Easy Gluten-Free Arepas Like in Colombia

Arepa truly is the #1 street food in Colombia and Venezuela. You’re sure to come across this snack if you’re travelling in those countries. But returning back home, you don’t have to leave arepa behind. In fact, it’s a quick, tasty and versatile dish that can be served for any meal or as a snack. In this post, we’ll tell you all about Colombian and Venezuelan variations and how to cook gluten-free arepas at home. What is an arepa? An arepa is a disc-shaped flatbread made of cornflour, a very popular snack in Colombia and Venezuela. In both countries, arepas …

Women in typical dress at Lavagem do Bonfim festival, Brazil
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🇧🇷 10 Festivals in Brazil for all Kinds of Travellers

For many, Brazil’s name resonates with the drum beats of the world’s most famous Carnival. Yet in a country that takes up almost half of the South American continent, you can expect a plethora of festivals and celebrations in all shapes and sizes. So even if you’re not keen on loud drums and half naked dancers, read on! On this page, you’ll find plenty of inspiring options if you prefer the more authentic, less crazy, but very cultural festivals throughout Brazil. Hopefully something will coincide with your trip; or take it a step further and choose your Brazil travel dates …

Empanadias, Colombian snacks
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🇨🇴 10 Colombian Snacks You Need to Try

Colombia is full of surprises. This is true not only about its diverse landscapes but about its gastronomy as well. Since taking our first steps on the Colombian soil, we were keen to have a taste of the local cuisine. Because we love munching on street food several times a day, the flock of food carts and little shops kept attracting our eyes constantly. I know you are curious as much as we were: what are those yummy things locals keep nibbling all day long? Here’s a list of Colombian snacks you’ll often see on the street and you should …

Veggie-filled empanadas made in 20 mins
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🇦🇷 Super Easy Veggie-Filled Empanadas Like in Argentina

Is there anything better than the feeling of vacation while being actually in the (home) office? (Well, probably to be on actual vacation, I get you.) To spice up your weekday lunch breaks, try out these veggie filled empanadas from Argentina – the country’s favourite. They’re fast, easy to prepare, and convincingly yummy. I was super happy to find ready-made empanada sheets in my local grocery store in Portugal, it felt like instant vicarious travel. Otherwise, it’s perfectly possible to cut down normal puff pastry sheets, or to bake your own if you feel brave. How to bake veggie filled …

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🇦🇷 10 Festivals and Celebrations of Argentina to Dive into its Culture

When planning holiday in Argentina, I often think of visiting cities, hiking in nature, or even planning a fun activity. After arranging flights, accommodation and maybe transportation, the next thing I do is to check out museums, interesting spots outside the city, and nature trails. And it’s only when I’m already there that I hear from locals what an awesome festival I just missed! Well, I don’t want to miss those anymore. So I promise myself to include in my next Argentina trip some of these cool festivals, so I can join the fun. Here’s what I found out about …

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What Are Your Favourite Movies Set in South America?

Question: How many films set in South America can you name? A couple, a handful, quite a few? To score better at your next game of Trivial Pursuit, or rather to inspire you with some great watching inspiration, we’ve turned to fellow movie lovers and asked them this question: What are the best movies set in South America? We’re happy to list here international films set on the continent, some famous Latin movies and also a few lesser-known South American directors. We have comedies, we have dramas, we have historical fiction and an essential road movie. So enjoy the best …