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🇨🇴”A la orden” – A Beginner’s Guide to Colombian Spanish

Colombian Spanish is one of the most varied we could hear all over the South American continent. Its untypical use of Spanish words, its colourful expressions and especially the slang of Colombia make it fun to listen to natives from different regions. Unlike other bloggers though, we don’t think Colombian is the easiest form of Spanish to learn. Their pronunciation can be hard to understand, especially on the Caribbean coast and in Cali, where many letters are dropped or even replaced (!). We hope this little beginner’s guide will help you find your way through a Colombian conversation! This article …

San Alberto Cafe terrace
Culture & Society

🇨🇴 Coffee Paradise: San Alberto Cafe in Buenavista

At the end of a winding country road one hour from Armenia lies the peaceful small village of Buenavista, in Quindío. Cute, but nothing special. Its square is not particularly charming, its houses are not as colourful as in other villages around. It doesn’t boast a vibrant market. In fact, most visitors, national and foreign, come to the place for just one thing: to drink a cup of the best coffee produced in Colombia. After a mere 15 minute steep walk up the hill from the central square, Julián welcomes us with a warm smile. He is a coffee connoisseur …