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🇦🇷 10 Hikes for Adventure Trekking in Bariloche, Argentina

“The mountains are calling & I must go“, said naturalist John Muir while fighting to protect Yosemite in North America. Well, we’re confident that he would have said the same if he had paid a visit to the fantastic Lake District of Argentina. In the northern part of the Argentine Patagonia, this area reveals a string of lakes cheekily tickling a mountain background. It’s an ongoing source of outdoors activities for active travellers; but still, trekking Bariloche is the one pastime that just never gets old. Do you travel to Argentina to seek beauty? So make sure you add in …

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🇨🇴 What You Need to Know Before Camping in Tayrona National Park

If you LOVE secluded beaches with crystal clear water, choose Tayrona Park (or Parque Tayrona in Spanish). Anthony and I are not particularly beach people but Tayrona mesmerised us with its lush palm tree forest and its perfect combination of rocks and empty sandy beaches. Despite the high entrance price, this place is a no-frill site where high-end accommodation doesn’t exist and most overnight visitors camp on or near the beach. In this post, we give you practical travel tips and recommendations on how to go camping in Tayrona Park and how to fit this visit into your budget travel. …

chile wine tours are among the best things to do and see near valparaiso
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🇨🇱 7 Nifty Things to do near Valparaíso, Chile

Are you sold to the vibrant beauty of Valparaíso? Have you decided to spend longer than the couple of days visitors usually allow it? Well done, this is a great decision! Valpo can certainly keep your head spinning for a week or more, with its cultural events and its street life. But if you fancy a day off and into the nature, then what? Then this list of top things to do near Valparaíso, Chile, that’s what! Viña del Mar Nearby Viña del Mar is literally attached to Valparaíso along the coast; you could go from one to the other …

One of the best beaches in Tayrona National Park, Colombia
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🇨🇴 The Penultimate Guide to the Best Beaches in Colombia

When people think about South America, they often depict crystal clear water with palm trees and white sand. We guarantee that beaches like this do exist in South America, although less often than we would have thought. In any case, some of the best beaches are definitely in Colombia. There are many places one can hit for a few days of beach life on the Caribbean Coast. Apart from the few famous places there are also less expensive spots with less people. This guide aims to help backpackers with all kinds of budget and those seeking off-the-beaten path experiences to …