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Digital nomad in Rio de Janeiro
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Digital Nomad in Brazil: a Practical Guide

How about a little samba, caipirinha, and sandy beach! Have you ever dreamed of living in Brazil? Brazil is a great destination for digital nomads, as the cost of life is often lower than in North America or in Europe, so you can have a quality life in an amazing environment. Here’s all you need to know before setting off as a digital nomad in Brazil. In such a huge country though (slightly bigger than Australia!), climates, cultures and safety vary from one corner to the other and it can be interesting to move around and experience different versions of …

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Digital Nomad in South America: the Best-Rated Cities

Your time has come to explore the world while working remotely? Or are you considering it, or simply dreaming about it? We’re sharing in this post what you can expect as a digital nomad in South America, which cities we recommend. Read on to discover the pros –and maybe some of the cons– of the best-rated digital nomad destinations in South America. Digital nomad lifestyle in South America South America is a vast continent with many interesting cultures to discover. It might not be as popular among digital nomads as, say, Southeast Asia. But there are many excellent spots that …

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Our Eco Trip Turned Out to Be a Life-Changing Experience. We’re Telling You How.

So everything started out like this: On a sunny September afternoon, we jumped on a plane to South America, ready for a life-changing eco trip. Well, not exactly. Nobody embarks on a travel, knowing it will change their life. Truth is, we needed to plan a bit beforehand and much was left to surprise. But we were sure of a few vital things, including the fact that travelling in an eco-friendly way would be the constant light on the horizon of our travel. And as we found out, an eco trip doesn’t have to be boring, rather the opposite. It …

Viewpoint on Lago Escondido, Nahuel Huapi National Park, near Bariloche
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7 (+1) Tips to Travel More Often

Get up, go to work. Smile at your colleagues, small-talk in the lift. Work, work, and then watch Netflix and go to bed. Is this your life? But maybe what you really want is to travel — to travel longer and more often? Well, we have good news: it’s much easier than you think. We swear. We’ve been there, wondering and worrying. And then we took the leap: quit our jobs, went for a 10-month trip through South America, and then came back and found a new job. Just as easy as it sounds. We’re giving you here some travel tips …

Sunset of the sea from Tolù, Colombia
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The Shape of Travel to Come

Nature has given us a hard punch in the face. With this coronavirus crisis, all of us, governments and companies included, are left licking our wounds and rethinking the way we live our life. Indeed, this disruption in ‘business as usual’ should be a time for reflection and a time for change – and that should include the way we travel. Sustainable travel practices that have only been ‘on our minds’ until now have today the biggest chance ever to become a reality. How will you travel in the post-pandemic world? Join us and make a pledge for sustainable travel …

Closeup of a boat on the beach in Florianopolis Brazil
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🇧🇷 [Itinerary] 2 or 3 Weeks in Brazil

If you go in search of the soul of Brazil, beware: you could well leave a bit of your own. This is a huge and friendly land, both mysterious and welcoming; mysterious in the unexplored thickness of the Amazon jungle to the west; welcoming in the lively cities and beaches on its tropical coast. Modern explorers, hear out! There are areas of Brazil where humanity has never set foot. So for this itinerary of 2 or 3 weeks in Brazil, let’s stick to one part, shall we? Chances are that this Brazil travel guide contains affiliate links. We’re not selling …

Graffiti mural of an aboriginal man in Rio de Janeiro by Kobra
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🇧🇷 Backpacking Brazil: Tips & Destinations

There’s samba, football and festivals. There are beautiful hips wearing the shortest of clothes. There are even kids playing with guns in the favelas. And then there’s the authentic Brazil, the one we love, that is a mix of all that and even more. The more we crossed the country, the more we fell in love with it. With its food, its lively cities, its culture and its nature; but especially with its people, among the friendliest we’ve ever met. For all that, we’ve put together this guide with our best backpacking travel tips and our favourite destinations in Brazil. …

atacama chile geyser
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🇨🇱 [Itinerary] 2 or 3 Weeks in Chile

Chile, the inconceivable land. A stretch of land that patches together the most diverse and unique landscapes. If you’re a city animal, you’ll love to live the life in and around the capital; nature lovers are certainly split between the dry deserts in the north, and the rugged icy mountains in the south. Our itinerary for 2 and 3 weeks in Chile isn’t a promise for everything – you’ll have to make a choice. But whichever direction you decide, we’re sure you will love the country. When you’re hundreds of kilometres and a dozen of bus rides older, everything will …

northwest argentina cachi streets
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🇦🇷 [Itinerary] 2 or 3 Weeks in Argentina

How will we find the words to tell you? We loved Argentina so much, we hope you’ll love it too. But we won’t take on the task to convince you – we’ll rather let the country charm you. If this starts like a song, may its music carry your steps. Of course, 2 or 3 weeks in Argentina are not nearly enough to discover all its treasures; especially if you care about the environment (more about that in a bit). With this in mind, we’re giving you what we think is the best Argentina itinerary for your short time there; …

Landscape near Uyuni, Bolivia with a volcano background
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🇧🇴 [Itinerary] 2 or 3 Weeks in Bolivia

One thing for sure is that Bolivia won’t leave you indifferent. The poorest and less developed country on the continent offers a rough ride to backpackers; and a promise to the most adventurous amongst us. Even in places where tourism is high, comfort is low. Even locations that are easily accessible seem like worlds apart. A country of extremes –like South America is–, Bolivia is both demanding and rewarding. Dive in our Bolivia itinerary to plan 2 or 3 weeks packed with adventures. There is really no need to book your Uyuni Salt Flats tour in advance. Read here how …