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Chilean Patagonia fjords
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All About the Ferry from Puerto Natales to Caleta Tortel

Believe me, traveling on a boat along the fjords in the south of Chilean Patagonia is a memorable experience. It rings of slow-paced adventure surrounded by a stunning landscape. It’s more sustainable and way more scenic compared to plane travel; and cheaper too, if we take into account the cost of accommodation and meals for those days. Here’s all you need to know about the inexpensive Tabsa ferry between Puerto Natales and Caleta Tortel.  Jump to: Route  |  Booking  |  Costs  |  Duration  |  Timetable  & distances Sleeping & eating  |  Entertainment  |  Sights Ferry Puerto Natales – Caleta Tortel …

Graffiti mural of an aboriginal man in Rio de Janeiro by Kobra
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🇧🇷 Backpacking Brazil: Tips & Destinations

There’s samba, football and festivals. There are beautiful hips wearing the shortest of clothes. There are even kids playing with guns in the favelas. And then there’s the authentic Brazil, the one we love, with its food, its lively cities, its culture and its nature; and also with its people, among the friendliest we’ve ever met. For all these reasons, we’ve put together this guide with our best backpacking travel tips and our favourite destinations in Brazil. Chances are that this Brazil travel guide contains affiliate links. We’re not selling anything ourselves – we just help out products we find …

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Essential Packing List for your Road Trip

Whether you’re renting a car or driving your own, whether you go abroad or stay home, it’s important you have all the useful stuff at hand: documents, travel essentials, entertainment, clothing and accessories. Here come a few road trip tips, and what we consider the essential packing list for a successful road trip. No need for minimalism here: as long as there’s space in the trunk, take everything and a bit more. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to leave something behind in a hotel room or on a bathroom window sill anyway. So you might as well pack it before …

Carretera Austral without a car
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Road Trip: Carretera Austral (Chile) Without a Car

The “Carretera Austral”, in the South of Chile, is one of those mythical roads that scream for a road trip. It’s a great way to experience Patagonia, especially if you stop along the way to visit the stunning national parks. So prepare for breath-taking views! In this post, I’ll explain what to expect and what the highlights are along the road; and how to prepare for an unforgettable road trip on the Carretera Austral. And as we didn’t have a car during our trip in 2022, I’m giving all the info you’ll need to plan your road trip route using …

Bags full of legumes
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Plastic Waste Mitigation for Zero Waste Travels

One of the individual or group actions to reduce climate urgency and environmental degradation urges sustainable traveling measures. Sustainable travel tries to reduce the pollution associated with travel as much as possible. To ensure that the industry remains sustainable in the long term, we travelers need to preserve the natural and cultural environment. Therefore, here are some tips for sustainable traveling and for your next zero waste travel. This article was written by Ankur Pradhan from Earth and Human. Ankur holds a bachelor’s degree in education and health and three years of content writing experience. Addicted to online creative writing, …

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8 Reasons Why Traveling is Important

If we trust dating and social media profiles (and why shouldn’t we?), traveling counts as one of the favourite activities for millennials, Generation Z’ers, and whichever letter came after that. In fact, it often ranks in the top 3, along with ‘watching Netflix’ and ‘eating sushi’. Now, I don’t really like sushi but I do love travelling. And besides the almost instant gratification I get when 1. I’m in a random place that’s awesome, and 2. I get to boast about it when I’m back, there are really valid reasons why travelling is important to me, to us, and probably …

Packed suitcase with hat and camera for long-term travel
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Long-Term Travel Packing List for Real Minimalists

Half-a-day before flying, I used to look at the empty insides of my backpack and feel a sort of writer’s block. I guess I was scared by the awful consequences of my wrong decisions: broken back vs. missing essentials. The longer the trip, the bigger the doubt. Nowadays, I’m a grown-up man and I know how to pack for long-term travel. It’s called ‘minimalism’ (and a persistent faith in the rules of the worldwide market). I therefore keep my packing list to a minimum and if I end up needing something on my long-term travel, I just buy it there …

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Which of These Types of Travellers Are You?

Why is it so hard to find a fitting travel partner? Someone with a similar rhythm, who’ll be interested in seeing the same things. First of all, it’s important to know what YOU expect from a trip. To help you, here are (really just some of) the different types of travellers you might meet on your travels. Of course, identities are forever flowing. Therefore, it’s possible that you fit into several of these different types of tourists at the same time – or according to your mood of the day.  Isn’t it surprising how two people might come back from …

Patagonia road
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How to Plan a Trip to Patagonia in 2022

Give me sharp mountains and frozen landscapes, demanding hikes and wild adventures! Patagonia fits the description and I’ve been willing to explore it since our backpacking trip in 2018/19. Now 2022 opens up traveling possibilities again so the time has come to reach the tip of the continent. Planning my trip to Patagonia wasn’t easy though, due to the multitude of contrasting and ever-changing regulations in 2022. So in this post, I list the steps I’ve taken, the things to know before traveling to Patagonia in 2022 and the entry requirements for both Chile and Argentina. Jump to: Why Patagonia?  …

Digital nomad in Rio de Janeiro
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Digital Nomad in Brazil: a Practical Guide

How about a little samba, caipirinha, and sandy beach! Have you ever dreamed of living in Brazil? Brazil is a great destination for digital nomads, as the cost of life is often lower than in North America or in Europe. So you can have a quality life in an amazing environment. Here’s all you need to know before setting off as a digital nomad in Brazil. Jump to: Why Brazil  |  Facts  |  Safety  |  Coworking spaces  |  Accommodation  |  Internet  |   Entertainment  |  Visa and insurance Best cities in Brazil for digital nomads In such a huge country though …