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Looking at the andes atop Volcan Osorno, near Puerto Varas, Chile
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🇨🇱 Backpacking Chile: Tips & Destinations

Well then, just look at Chile on a world map. A country stretched like a tagliatelle on a pauper’s plate; it’s got all sorts of landscapes nature has to offer, or almost. That’s without mentioning the Easter Island, Rapa Nui, a spit in the ocean somewhere afar. So this country is definitely part of our best travel tips for South America. And yet, very few budget travellers decide to go on a backpacking trip to Chile. It’s true that prices are higher here than in most countries on the continent. But there are ways to backpack Chile on a budget …

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🎁 Indispensable Gifts List For You & Your Friends Going Travelling

For a few years my family have been nagging at me before Christmas and my birthday for present ideas. “What should we get you? You never want anything!” Do you know that too? This year, of course, isn’t the least different. So I decided to provide my loved ones with a list of my wanna-get travel gear! Some of these items have been with me for over 10 years; they’re still in great condition and I love them. Others in the list are real gift ideas for myself. They’re the results of genuine research as I happen to need them …