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🇨🇴 Cartagena to Santa Marta or Vice Versa: Travel by Bus with a Clear Head, Stress-Free

All those beaches! Travelling along the Caribbean coast of Colombia was one of our best beach experiences in South America. We spent a little over 2 weeks just in this strip of coast between Palomino –and the Tayrona National Park– and Tolú, the gateway to the San Bernardo islands. You can experience Colombia’s Caribbean beaches based on your preference, as there are several beach towns offering very different experiences. The two main spots are of course the large cities of Cartagena and Santa Marta. But regarding how you travel between them, there are also a few alternatives. In this travel …

A lonesome path in moon valley, chile
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Backpacking in South America: All the Answers You Need

We all dream differently of South America. Some of us need to feel small in its immense nature during multi-day hiking adventures. Others want to feel the life pulsating in its cities, its street art, its sensual dances and wild carnivals. Some will want to find themselves in strange marks on ancient stones. Others still are looking forward to a cocktail on the beach, facing the warm sun and the turquoise mirror of the Caribbean. Whatever your dream is, this is your guide. We’re answering here all the questions you may have, in order to help you plan your perfect …

Anna seating on a rock overlooking Titicaca lake
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🇧🇴 Backpacking Bolivia: Tips & Destinations

And now for something completely different. The mainly Indigenous population of the poorest country in South America often lacks education and basic infrastructure. On the other hand, informal trade and outdoor markets are taking place everywhere. That should make your backpacking trip in Bolivia something of an adventure! Even more so if you get away from the usual tourists route and advance deep in the wilderness. Expect thick jungle, head-spinning Altiplano, rural communities and greasy food. We’ve put together this humble Bolivia tourism guide, with our tips and favourite destinations, to help you plan the best backpacking trip in that …

Anna looking over the tatacoa desert, Colombia
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🇨🇴 Backpacking Colombia: Tips & Destinations

When we prepared our South American trip, we were very excited to learn that backpacking Colombia was now possible. One of the former most violent countries in the world is now safe to roam. And what a treasure box it is! Warm Caribbean beaches for the sun-worshippers; deep Amazon rain forest for the adventure-seekers; hidden ancient sites, colonial UNESCO sites and wonderful nature sights. Everyone has a reason to visit Colombia. But remember to keep your wits about you and follow the rules of common sense; some cities might steal more than your heart. We’re giving you here all our …

Anna looking over the jungle from the viewpoint of mirador natural near Tarapoto, Peru
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🇵🇪 Backpacking Peru: Tips & Destinations

Mysterious ruins mistily nestled atop jungle mountains. Slow-paced life on the cobblestones of cosy colonial towns. Peru is a large country of many colours that sees more than its fair share of tourists all year round. And yet, with Lima and the Machu Picchu attracting most of the crowds, large parts of the country remain unknown. Since you’re out there backpacking Peru, ready to follow in the footsteps of past civilisations, we hope to convince you to get off the gringo trail and explore lesser-known areas. We promise that they’re just as worthy of your time. We’ve put together this …

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🇪🇨 Backpacking Ecuador: Tips & Destinations

We always love the underdog. Ecuador is tucked between the two tourism heavyweights Peru to the south and Colombia to the north. It’s often overlooked on South American backpacking trips, and yet Ecuador has got everything you can look for. Wild Amazon national parks and surf spots on the ocean. Charming colonial towns and party places. Indigenous communities and modern buzz. The list could go on but what we mean is clear; you should absolutely visit Ecuador during your South America backpacking trip. We’ve put together this humble Ecuador travel guide to show you why and tell you how. Chances …

Looking at the andes atop Volcan Osorno, near Puerto Varas, Chile
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🇨🇱 Backpacking Chile: Tips & Destinations

Well then, just look at Chile on a world map. A country stretched like a tagliatelle on a pauper’s plate; it’s got all sorts of landscapes nature has to offer, or almost. That’s without mentioning the Easter Island, Rapa Nui, a spit in the ocean somewhere afar. So this country is definitely part of our best travel tips for South America. And yet, very few budget travellers decide to go on a backpacking trip to Chile. It’s true that prices are higher here than in most countries on the continent. But there are ways to backpack Chile on a budget …

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🎁 Indispensable Gifts List For You & Your Friends Going Travelling

For a few years my family have been nagging at me before Christmas and my birthday for present ideas. “What should we get you? You never want anything!” Do you know that too? This year, of course, isn’t the least different. So I decided to provide my loved ones with a list of my wanna-get travel gear! Some of these items have been with me for over 10 years; they’re still in great condition and I love them. Others in the list are real gift ideas for myself. They’re the results of genuine research as I happen to need them …