Have you ever seen a beautiful waterfall that was completely hidden from travellers? It was a real pleasure to explore such an off-the-beaten track place as the Lavras Novas waterfall in Brazil. It’s a short ride from Ouro Preto in Minas Gerais region, ideal for a day trip. 

Experiencing the Lavras Novas waterfall

The weather was perfect and there was absolutely no other tourists with whom we would have had to share the small but beautiful Lavras Novas waterfall. There was a small pool at the bottom of the fall, that was welcoming to enjoy a quick bathe. The surrounding area was rather surreal with a big clearance of soil in the thick forest. I have to say, it was one of my best unexpected experience in Brazil.

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We set off to a short hike through lush tropical forest from the tiny Lavras Novas village, where we travelled by hitchhiking from Ouro Preto. Actually, this was the only successful hitchhiking trip we did in Brazil

This is a picture post, so we are sharing some of our pictures from the trip below.

Lavras Novas landscape Brazil
After a hike in the lush forest we arrived to a clearing with little creeks that looked like walking on the Moon
Hiker looking at landscape of Lavras Novas Brazil
Inspecting the elements
Stones in the river at Lavras Novas Brazil
Almost at the waterfall
Cachoeira dos Prazeres at Lavras Novas
Cachoeira dos Prazeres at Lavras Novas. We spent there a day and were all day alone! A beautiful, hidden gem near Ouro Preto.

Have you ever found a hidden gem during your travels? A beauty of a place just for you?
Well, don’t tell us where it is, let’s keep it a secret!

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