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Traditional Bolivia festivals
Culture & Society

πŸ‡§πŸ‡΄ 12 Colourful Bolivia Festivals & Celebrations

A fiesta in Bolivia is sure to be a memorable treat. Bolivia festivals are loud, lively, colourful, massive; some of them involve thousands of costumed dancers and food and alcohol aplenty. What more, they’re a dive into the intricate heart of the Andean culture, this patchwork of native and Christian traditions. With dozens of celebrations throughout the year, hopefully something will coincide with your trip. Or take it a step further and choose your Bolivia travel dates in order to include one or more of these fascinating celebrations. Traditional festivals in Bolivia As you’ll see in this list of selected …

View on Mount Roraima, Venezuela
Great Outdoors

What is your favourite South America trek?

Sore legs and contented soul – nothing beats a good hike. In the sand, the snow or on the rocks, through the forest or along the sea, we feel happier outside. If the body’s moving, the mind is too, and the wonders of nature are the best inspiration. When it comes to hikes and treks, South America is just shy of paradise. We’re telling you here about our favourite hikes on the continent, but we’ve also turned to 10 fellow travel bloggers who share our love for the outdoors and our passion for Latin America; and we’ve asked them this …

Landscape near Uyuni, Bolivia with a volcano background
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πŸ‡§πŸ‡΄ [Itinerary] 2 or 3 Weeks in Bolivia

One thing for sure is that Bolivia won’t leave you indifferent. The poorest and less developed country on the continent offers a rough ride to backpackers; and a promise to the most adventurous amongst us. Even in places where tourism is high, comfort is low. Even locations that are easily accessible seem like worlds apart. A country of extremes –like South America is–, Bolivia is both demanding and rewarding. Dive in our Bolivia itinerary to plan 2 or 3 weeks packed with adventures. There is really no need to book your Uyuni Salt Flats tour in advance. Read here how …

Anna seating on a rock overlooking Titicaca lake
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πŸ‡§πŸ‡΄ Backpacking Bolivia: Tips & Destinations

And now for something completely different. The mainly Indigenous population of the poorest country in South America often lacks education and basic infrastructure. On the other hand, informal trade and outdoor markets are taking place everywhere. That should make your backpacking trip in Bolivia something of an adventure! Even more so if you get away from the usual tourists route and advance deep in the wilderness. Expect thick jungle, head-spinning Altiplano, rural communities and greasy food. We’ve put together this humble Bolivia tourism guide, with our tips and favourite destinations, to help you plan the best backpacking trip in that …