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Our Eco Trip Turned Out to Be a Life-Changing Experience. We’re Telling You How.

So everything started out like this: On a sunny September afternoon, we jumped on a plane to South America, ready for a life-changing eco trip. Well, not exactly. Nobody embarks on a travel, knowing it will change their life. Truth is, we needed to plan a bit beforehand and much was left to surprise. But we were sure of a few vital things, including the fact that travelling in an eco-friendly way would be the constant light on the horizon of our travel. And as we found out, an eco trip doesn’t have to be boring, rather the opposite. It …

Viewpoint on Lago Escondido, Nahuel Huapi National Park, near Bariloche
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7 (+1) Tips to Travel More Often

Get up, go to work. Smile at your colleagues, small-talk in the lift. Work, work, and then watch Netflix and go to bed. Is this your life? But maybe what you really want is to travel — to travel longer and more often? Well, we have good news: it’s much easier than you think. We swear. We’ve been there, wondering and worrying. And then we took the leap: quit our jobs, went for a 10-month trip through South America, and then came back and found a new job. Just as easy as it sounds. We’re giving you here some travel tips …

chile wine tours are among the best things to do and see near valparaiso
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🇨🇱 7 Nifty Things to do near Valparaíso, Chile

Are you sold to the vibrant beauty of Valparaíso? Have you decided to spend longer than the couple of days visitors usually allow it? Well done, this is a great decision! Valpo can certainly keep your head spinning for a week or more, with its cultural events and its street life. But if you fancy a day off and into the nature, then what? Then this list of top things to do near Valparaíso, Chile, that’s what! Viña del Mar Nearby Viña del Mar is literally attached to Valparaíso along the coast; you could go from one to the other …