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View from Villarrica volcano on the surrounding National Park, Chile
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🇨🇱 A Hiker’s Guide to Chile National Parks

Be ready to hop on the train of Adventure and we swear: it’ll be a beautiful ride. There has to be something for you here somewhere, as Chile takes care of 41 National Parks, 45 Reserves and 17 Natural Monuments. The National Parks of Chile are indeed wide, wild, and many of them are frighteningly remote. But at the end of a long rocky road, the wonders of untouched Nature await. In active volcanoes and Patagonian glaciers, in fjords and high-altitude deserts, they await. And always with the most colourful wildlife you’ve ever seen. We’ve partnered with some of our …

View on Mount Roraima, Venezuela
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What is your favourite South America trek?

Sore legs and contented soul – nothing beats a good hike. In the sand, the snow or on the rocks, through the forest or along the sea, we feel happier outside. If the body’s moving, the mind is too, and the wonders of nature are the best inspiration. When it comes to hikes and treks, South America is just shy of paradise. We’re telling you here about our favourite hikes on the continent, but we’ve also turned to 10 fellow travel bloggers who share our love for the outdoors and our passion for Latin America; and we’ve asked them this …

atacama chile geyser
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🇨🇱 [Itinerary] 2 or 3 Weeks in Chile

Chile, the inconceivable land. A stretch of land that patches together the most diverse and unique landscapes. If you’re a city animal, you’ll love to live the life in and around the capital; nature lovers are certainly split between the dry deserts in the north, and the rugged icy mountains in the south. Our itinerary for 2 and 3 weeks in Chile isn’t a promise for everything – you’ll have to make a choice. But whichever direction you decide, we’re sure you will love the country. When you’re hundreds of kilometres and a dozen of bus rides older, everything will …

Looking at the andes atop Volcan Osorno, near Puerto Varas, Chile
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🇨🇱 Backpacking Chile: Tips & Destinations

Well then, just look at Chile on a world map. A country stretched like a tagliatelle on a pauper’s plate; it’s got all sorts of landscapes nature has to offer, or almost. That’s without mentioning the Easter Island, Rapa Nui, a spit in the ocean somewhere afar. So this country is definitely part of our best travel tips for South America. And yet, very few budget travellers decide to go on a backpacking trip to Chile. It’s true that prices are higher here than in most countries on the continent. But there are ways to backpack Chile on a budget …

chile wine tours are among the best things to do and see near valparaiso
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🇨🇱 7 Nifty Things to do near Valparaíso, Chile

Are you sold to the vibrant beauty of Valparaíso? Have you decided to spend longer than the couple of days visitors usually allow it? Well done, this is a great decision! Valpo can certainly keep your head spinning for a week or more, with its cultural events and its street life. But if you fancy a day off and into the nature, then what? Then this list of top things to do near Valparaíso, Chile, that’s what! Viña del Mar Nearby Viña del Mar is literally attached to Valparaíso along the coast; you could go from one to the other …