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Gluten free arepas
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🇨🇴 Super-Easy Gluten-Free Arepas Like in Colombia

Arepa truly is the #1 street food in Colombia and Venezuela. You’re sure to come across this snack if you’re travelling in those countries. But returning back home, you don’t have to leave arepa behind. In fact, it’s a quick, tasty and versatile dish that can be served for any meal or as a snack. In this post, we’ll tell you all about Colombian and Venezuelan variations and how to cook gluten-free arepas at home. What is an arepa? An arepa is a disc-shaped flatbread made of cornflour, a very popular snack in Colombia and Venezuela. In both countries, arepas …

Empanadias, Colombian snacks
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🇨🇴 10 Colombian Snacks You Need to Try

Colombia is full of surprises. This is true not only about its diverse landscapes but about its gastronomy as well. Since taking our first steps on the Colombian soil, we were keen to have a taste of the local cuisine. Because we love munching on street food several times a day, the flock of food carts and little shops kept attracting our eyes constantly. I know you are curious as much as we were: what are those yummy things locals keep nibbling all day long? Here’s a list of Colombian snacks you’ll often see on the street and you should …

Veggie-filled empanadas made in 20 mins
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🇦🇷 Super Easy Veggie-Filled Empanadas Like in Argentina

Is there anything better than the feeling of vacation while being actually in the (home) office? (Well, probably to be on actual vacation, I get you.) To spice up your weekday lunch breaks, try out these veggie filled empanadas from Argentina – the country’s favourite. They’re fast, easy to prepare, and convincingly yummy. I was super happy to find ready-made empanada sheets in my local grocery store in Portugal, it felt like instant vicarious travel. Otherwise, it’s perfectly possible to cut down normal puff pastry sheets, or to bake your own if you feel brave. How to bake veggie filled …

San Alberto Cafe terrace
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🇨🇴 Coffee Paradise: San Alberto Cafe in Buenavista

At the end of a winding country road one hour from Armenia lies the peaceful small village of Buenavista, in Quindío. Cute, but nothing special. Its square is not particularly charming, its houses are not as colourful as in other villages around. It doesn’t boast a vibrant market. In fact, most visitors, national and foreign, come to the place for just one thing: to drink a cup of the best coffee produced in Colombia. After a mere 15 minute steep walk up the hill from the central square, Julián welcomes us with a warm smile. He is a coffee connoisseur …