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View from Villarrica volcano on the surrounding National Park, Chile
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🇨🇱 A Hiker’s Guide to Chile National Parks

Be ready to hop on the train of Adventure and we swear: it’ll be a beautiful ride. There has to be something for you here somewhere, as Chile takes care of 41 National Parks, 45 Reserves and 17 Natural Monuments. The National Parks of Chile are indeed wide, wild, and many of them are frighteningly remote. But at the end of a long rocky road, the wonders of untouched Nature await. In active volcanoes and Patagonian glaciers, in fjords and high-altitude deserts, they await. And always with the most colourful wildlife you’ve ever seen. We’ve partnered with some of our …

Altillo Lake in Sangay NP, Ecuador
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🇪🇨 A Hiker’s Guide to the National Parks in Ecuador

Step off the beaten trail and take a dive into the unexpected. Ecuador, despite being the 4th smallest country in South America, abounds in natural wonders. The land of volcanoes, famous for the mythical Galápagos islands and the Middle of the Earth, offers stunning and varied landscapes to nature lovers and adventure hikers. It counts with 11 national parks and 24 more areas –reserves and refuges– that are nationally protected. Making their way from the top of high-standing plateaus down to the ocean’s coast or into the midst of the jungle, we’ve asked fellow travellers to introduce us to their …

The ochre cliffs of Paracas National Reserve, Peru
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🇵🇪 A Hiker’s Guide to Peru National Parks

Let’s dive into the mysteries of Peru. In a country where nature is closely related to beliefs and traditions, it’s no surprise that many natural landmarks are sacred for one part of the population or another. Hence the creation of 12 national parks, 9 national sanctuaries, 15 national reserves and many more protected areas. Following in ancient footsteps from the jungle to glacial lakes to the top of mountains, hoping to spot the wild vicuña or the elusive condor on the way, we’ve asked fellow travellers to tell us a bit about their favourite national parks in Peru. Best national …

The best view on the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta National Park, Colombia
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🇨🇴 A Hiker’s Guide to the Best National Parks in Colombia

Let your mind wander through the diversity of the Colombian landscapes. From lush forests to stunning beaches, from savannas to colourful rivers, from remote islands to mountains and even an active volcano. Although not the largest country in South America, Colombia is one of the most biodiverse, with about 60 national parks on its varied territory. It’s a patchwork of fascinating places and unique ecosystems, the Mecca for wildlife lovers of all stripes. We’ve teamed up with other travel bloggers to present you here with some of the best national parks in Colombia. All prices expressed here are in Colombian …

Jau national park, Brazil, seen from above
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🇧🇷 A Hiker’s Guide to Brazil National Parks

Let the wilderness of Brazil put a spell on you. From steep canyons to jungle rivers, from impressive sand dunes to roaring waterfalls, from howling monkeys to colourful birds. At the end of long bus journeys, Brazil fascinates and captivates. With more than 70 national parks, the country tries to protect the nature of its vital ecosystems – and that’s for the best. We’ve partnered with other travel bloggers to guide you through some of them, in this selection of their favourite Brazil national parks. Best national parks in Brazil: Tijuca National Park Stephanie from History Fangirl visited Tijuca National …

Tierra del Fuego NP, the most famous National Park in Argentina
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🇦🇷 A Hiker’s Guide to Argentina National Parks

Let Argentina bring you on a beautiful trip. From arid canyons to moving glaciers, from roaring waterfalls to crystal lakes, from marshlands to mountains. Wherever your feet lead you, you’ll need some serious hiking boots! With more than 40 National Parks scattered across a territory of 2,780,400 km2 (1,073,500 sq mi), there’s enough fun for the whole family. Some of them can be reached by public transportation, others require a car; some can be visited independently, others need a guided tour. We’ve partnered with other travel bloggers to bring you all the information here, in this selection of their favourite Argentina …

A small waterfall in the Amazon rainforest
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24 Magnificent National Parks in South America

The first thing we did when we booked our flight to South America was to jump around the room giggling like maniacs. When we finally calmed down after 2.5 hours, the 2nd thing I did was to read everything I could about the best national parks in South America. I knew close to nothing about this colourful land; but I suspected beauty in all shapes and forms on this vast continent. And really, there is. After travelling there for almost a year, we’re putting together here our own top list of South American national parks. We didn’t have the chance …

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🇦🇷 10 Hikes for Adventure Trekking in Bariloche, Argentina

“The mountains are calling & I must go“, said naturalist John Muir while fighting to protect Yosemite in North America. Well, we’re confident that he would have said the same if he had paid a visit to the fantastic Lake District of Argentina. In the northern part of the Argentine Patagonia, this area reveals a string of lakes cheekily tickling a mountain background. It’s an ongoing source of outdoors activities for active travellers; but still, trekking Bariloche is the one pastime that just never gets old. Do you travel to Argentina to seek beauty? So make sure you add in …