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Our Eco Trip Turned Out to Be a Life-Changing Experience. We’re Telling You How.

So everything started out like this: On a sunny September afternoon, we jumped on a plane to South America, ready for a life-changing eco trip. Well, not exactly. Nobody embarks on a travel, knowing it will change their life. Truth is, we needed to plan a bit beforehand and much was left to surprise. But we were sure of a few vital things, including the fact that travelling in an eco-friendly way would be the constant light on the horizon of our travel. And as we found out, an eco trip doesn’t have to be boring, rather the opposite. It …

Sunset of the sea from Tolù, Colombia
Travel Resources

The Shape of Travel to Come

Nature has given us a hard punch in the face. With this coronavirus crisis, all of us, governments and companies included, are left licking our wounds and rethinking the way we live our life. Indeed, this disruption in ‘business as usual’ should be a time for reflection and a time for change – and that should include the way we travel. Sustainable travel practices that have only been ‘on our minds’ until now have today the biggest chance ever to become a reality. How will you travel in the post-pandemic world? Join us and make a pledge for sustainable travel …

San Alberto Cafe terrace
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🇨🇴 Coffee Paradise: San Alberto Cafe in Buenavista

At the end of a winding country road one hour from Armenia lies the peaceful small village of Buenavista, in Quindío. Cute, but nothing special. Its square is not particularly charming, its houses are not as colourful as in other villages around. It doesn’t boast a vibrant market. In fact, most visitors, national and foreign, come to the place for just one thing: to drink a cup of the best coffee produced in Colombia. After a mere 15 minute steep walk up the hill from the central square, Julián welcomes us with a warm smile. He is a coffee connoisseur …