The otherworldly moon-like scenery of the Valle de la Luna is one of the main attractions in the Atacama desert and a must-see. Good thing is, it’s also one of the few you can do on your own, without booking a tour or renting a car.

Rent a bike in San Pedro de Atacama to tour Valle de la Luna

The entrance is only 6 km away from San Pedro (about 1,5 hour walk) but the sights stretch on 11 km so you’ll need a bike to enjoy it properly.

valle luna moon valley chile bike
On the way, not yet exhausted!

Rent a bike in San Pedro for half a day (6 hours) for CLP 3.000 or 4.000. Everything should be included: helmet, hi-vis jacket, light, pump, spare inner tube, puncture kit and instructions for the way. Make sure the rental place gives you everything and that the bike is in good condition. The generally advised time to go is 3:00 pm, to enjoy the sunset from the viewpoint of Duna Mayor and come back by 9:00 pm.

There’s not much to see on the way to the entrance but if you want some off road adventure, you can ride to the end of Caracoles (the main street) and cross the hilly terrain straight to the road.

What to see in Valle de la Luna

The entrance costs CLP 3.000 and you will be given a map. There you can decide what to see and in which order, but we really recommend the cavern of salt, the mirador Achaches and the sunset from Duna Mayor (don’t expect to be alone!).

The landscapes are really fantastic, almost surreal and the rock formations amazing!

What other things to see in the Atacama Desert?

The Atacama Desert is one of the world’s most interesting landscapes, and I can tell you that there’s so much to see that it would occupy you for 2 weeks. And even better, the things to visit are on a wide range, so you’ll experience various beautiful things. 

See our guide for the world of Atacama Desert

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