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Green Mochila was first a passion before being a blog. Both of us Anna and Anthony have travelled extensively to 5 continents, lived in 9 different countries and speak 7 languages. We’ve been near and far, on weekend getaways and one-month trips.

But that was just ‘holidays’. Until we flew to South America for a 6-month trip which lasted one year.

This is when Green Mochila was born, our little treasure box of travel stories, travel photography, practical information and tips on cultural, eco and budget travels in South America.

Since then, we’ve been inspiring and encouraging others to see the world.

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Travelling is an experience for life, and not only for seeing beautiful sights. It opens to diversity, helps to understand the Other, the Unknown, and ultimately Ourselves.

So it’s good that it’s becoming more and more accessible – but it has to be done right.

At a time of strong criticism of mass tourism, overcrowded destinations, disrespectful tourists and the ecological impact of travelling, it’s important to spread the idea that another, responsible way-of-travel is possible, necessary even. That is what we do.

Read for example our Practical Tips for Responsible Tourism

What we can bring you

On Green Mochila, we share our experiences and our thoughts about what travel means nowadays, and give advice on how to do it well, in a sustainable way.

Through our articles, but also through our social media presence, we are becoming for many people a reference in Eco Travels and specialists for budget backpacking in South America. The go-to place for reliable info, interesting cultural topics and practical advice.

We are backpackers, curious travellers who think out of the box and always seek the alternative path.

If we are your audience, then you will love ours. We can bring your name to the attention of thousands of conscious travellers and wannabe-travellers, in an authentic and personal way. We promise honesty and quality content to all our readers, to all those who enjoy our stories told with our own voice. That is what we offer.

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All the ways we work

Are you launching or relaunching your attraction, your travel location or a new product? Do you want to prick the curiosity of travellers looking for their next destination?

Widen your outreach with the most authentic words and photos by Green Mochila.

· Reviews ·

Make sure you get on everyone’s bucket-list – let us write an honest and engaging review of your brand or business. With or without accompanying photography.

· Photography ·

We can photography your product or your location, or even your experience, to give it the Green Mochila touch that will make it stick out.

· Media trips & Country promotions ·

Are you in a place, a region, or maybe a country that deserves more attention from travellers? Invite us on a trip & we’ll post every day on social media about it, plus between 1 to 5 articles on our blog. Includes photography.

· Sponsored posts ·

We will give exposure to your brand, experience or location with an engaging article, published on Green Mochila for a fixed period of time. It will also be promoted on all our social media platforms, for a bigger outreach.

· Advertisement ·

If your product agrees to our ethics, we’ll gladly add your banner to our related articles, for a fixed period of time. Let us even create the banner for a few more bucks.

· Contests & Giveaways ·

We can work with you to promote your brand on social media through a contest or a giveaway.

· Partnerships & Brand Ambassadors ·

If you have a brand or a business specialised in Ecotourism/Responsible travel, we will be more than happy to agree on a long-term partnership/sponsorship with you!

· Online Marketing ·

Anna has an 8-year experience working in online marketing for big companies. She can assist you with one-time consulting or with long-term freelance work.

· Translations ·

Anthony has more than 5 years experience in professional translation and can help with your website or your marketing communication. From FR-EN-ES-IT to FR-EN-IT.

Got yet another idea about how we could collaborate? Feel free to contact us to discuss it!

Be warned though: our audience deserves the best. We want to partner only with brands and companies that promote the sort of travel we encourage. Otherwise we wouldn’t be genuine. Therefore we prefer independent, fair-trade, eco-friendly businesses. And nice people too.

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Have we convinced you? Still have concerns? Either way, get in touch! We’ll be happy to answer your questions, exchange ideas and send you our rates.

Drop us an email at [email protected] or fill in the form below with the description of your project. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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